DIE SLOW​/​/​PEST (single)


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New A/B single from NEW WIVES, "Die Slow" and a trimmed down version of "Pest", tracks 2 and 4 of our upcoming self-titled EP due out March 27th via Marching Banana Records.

Recorded by Richard Salino during the first week of February 2014 at Chase Park Transduction in Athens, Georgia. Mastered by Tom Lewis.

Songs by NEW WIVES, which is Drew Kirby ((guitars.vocals)), Matt Anderegg ((drums)), and Zach Gastley ((bass)).

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released March 24, 2014




NEW WIVES Athens, Georgia

Athens, Georgia's premiere doom pop trio & bedroom recordists New Wives, comprised of Drew Kirby, Matt Anderegg and Zach Gastley.

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Track Name: Die Slow
die slow, all day if that's what it takes
die slow, all week if that's what you need

oh the undertoe, i've been dyin tryin to let you go
"no, there's just one left to hide & i've made up my mind"
oh i hold below, all the tides cry i can't make it
so there's no choice but to dive
you can go or stay but i've gotta get mine

and it's sick but i wanna know every detail. i wanna burden my skull with all the things that you've done. i wanna see right through your entrails. i wanna merge with the mud i wanna see what you've done. and i'm scattered but i'm expanding all the time. i'm trying to hide you in songs cause that's where you belong and you won't talk back to me and you'll die slow

daaamn i cant make this slow, it twists & intertwines in my bloodlines
but god only rose so i'll be damned if i can't make it too
there's no choice but to climb & i'll get mine
Track Name: Pest (Radio Edit)
i know you're right and well, i know that time will tell that i've been waiting my whole life to see you burn.. i've seen you pass a thousand blind who wouldn't even bat an eye. you focus fine i see, but i'm so incompletely in your view.
so i've been trying to change ya see. would you still say so angrily "this feels like death in everything you do to me"
see i been missing hangin round, i feel so old and tired now. youre sounding fine i see, but how could you just put him in my place

don't know what string in me she struck,
the frequencies it resonates are self-effacing and primitive
now i feel so limited, and oh
i hate the ways i act when you see me
what reservoir you tapped
oh i need it back but you seem distracted
it's been 2 weeks yeah i feel too weeak to see you