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Recorded March/April 2013 @ Easy Street Productions in Athens GA.
TJ Mimbs handled the production, engineering, mixing & mastering.
Drew Kirby plays guitar and sings the songs, which were arranged by New Wives for the purpose of musical pro/recreation -- Matt Anderegg & Zach Gastley (who play drums & bass) were tracked live in the main room at Easy Street -- Drew's parts were then laid across the top. Some extra arrangement work on Lucy by Trevor Coen and Rebecca Jones.

This EP is the white ep. The songs are white. The black songs are next.
This EP is comprised of the first songs we've written together since forming just two months ago in January 2013. The songs for the most part are immediate, direct, simple, what we call pop n rolll. This is only one side of what we want to do as a group.
This EP is the first of hopefully many, it is the "singles" collection, it is the introduction of this project into the world so hopefully something sticks.. it's meant to be sticky.
This EP comes from us to you with lots of luvvvv.

Thanks to all (our) friends that are too many to name for teaching us about the good in people and the worth in the world, to TJ for taking our songs from the 80% we brought into Easy Street at and helping us get them to 100 or close to it, for our families to which a simple thanks will never really suffice but will always be here, to Trevor for everything, to Dana Swimmer for the friendship that continues to bloom flowers behind allour eyes, and to Futo for FUTO, to Athens and the life constantly bubbling under and to life itself and whatever's bigger than me~~~




released May 3, 2013




NEW WIVES Athens, Georgia

Athens, Georgia's premiere doom pop trio & bedroom recordists New Wives, comprised of Drew Kirby, Matt Anderegg and Zach Gastley.

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Track Name: Lucy (Song about Her)
"oh lucille my love i swear we've loved each other long enough to know what's wrong when things they get this tough, to just give in or just give up.. and i see you too, you sound so strained when you say 'i want to' and i feel so vain when i say 'i love you', oh a safety precaution or a good excuse?
but now it's breaking at the seams, these things we've only had in dreams. oh to just return to times when they'd ask bout me and i'd tell em bout you.
oh maybe from the start it felt all flawed in nearly every part and you'd do quite well to quell the storm inside your heart but the forecast's lookin dark. yeah we move from side to side, from blackest nights into the clearest skies, and brighter days into the dark foresight that the forecast just don't look right. and now the sky can't decide whether to throw it up or just keep inside, and neither can i, so don't you waste my time and wine. i'm wasted drunk with idle lines.
oh this tide will always ebb and flow. the sand is soaked with all we know all too well. yeah i knew that you were right but i just could not afford to agree with you more. so lucille my love asks what i'm thinking and i act so tough, "i'm sick of you/maybe we just give up/i'm through/i've had enough."
Track Name: Shanana
"Shanana... i swear i'm sorry, i am. wish i could be more for you, but i know i can't..
tomorrow goes the rest, i guess i used you, i guess i'm a selfish ass.. no i'm a loving mess and i didn't ask for this.. oh but i didn't stop it, i didn't stop it either.
so Shanana, i swear i'm sorry, i am. wish i could be more for you, but i know i can't. and there's really not much else i can say, didn't mean for things to end this way. and i care for you, i swear it's true, but i could never love you.
and her lips.. oh they used to be mine. but we're young yeah we grow out of such things in time (right?) and i met a girl today at the haircuttin place, oh but i didn't ask her name. no i've hurt too many hearts to wanna try it again and i'm sorry.. wish i could be more for you, but i can't, i can't. and there's really not much else i can say, i didn't mean for things to end this way. and i care for you, i swear it's true, but i could never love you."
Track Name: Maggots
"saw you playing on the lawn, you still had your long hair on then but it's shorter now. you had a sly look in your eyes as a means of self-defense, i mistook it for confidence. you were hi and i could tell, in fact i was as well. i thought you were older then, but you weren't by the next show when i played a few songs of my own and you sang a few songs again.
so let's just feel it out... don't wanna be wasting my time. and i'm so tired now but i love it when you're wasting mine. so if the world's all shit, then what does that leave for us? cause i been trying to quit you girl, but i can't, oh i can't.
i asked your name and you knew mine, it was late when i asked the time, we talked all night. i'm just me baby and that's all, wish i was better but it's not my fault, is that what you'd want? if not, then i didn't mean it... but if so, then i'll let you know i never meant anything more, i never meant anything more.
so i've been lying to my self again, i've been trying to be a better man, i swear i am, i swear i can be, i swear i am, i swear i can be.."
Track Name: Smooth Ruins
"i drove on over late last night, bought a pack along the way. oh i just wanna make my case... maybe i just wanna see your face again. cause babe i miss our feelin comfortable. i miss the ways you knew me. though i admit it does feel nice... just to look you in the eyes again.
time has spoken and in time you'll come around, and i am broken but in time i'll turn you out. so if i'm not gonna be much more than just a note beside your door, then i'll make amends with the sense that made you leave. yeah i'll just face the facts and hope you'll come back to me.
and i gave you my lucky, because i want that for you. oh i just want you to feel free... yeah i want you to feel like me cause lately i've been feeling right. and i don't wanna be alone tonight, so i don't know if it's worthwhile... but i just wanna make you smile again.
i know you think that i'm an asshole now... and i can't say i don't agree. oh you say i act so typical... oh i dont wanna be so typical! i swear i want nothing but good for you... and that must sound like such an awful lie. but i promise i mean it, and baby you'll see it... if you just wanted to be friends again."